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Clients’ Stories & Adventures We’ve Taken with Them

In Their Words · Highlights

Steve Crusenberry

Chief Technology Officer, Peridot

I learned things about how the business is run, how to manage stakeholders, and how to really show up every day as an authentic leader and executive. I would not have been able to do this without my work with Trimergence.

Nat Natarajan

Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Globalization Partners

Here’s the value of my last five years investment in Trimergence: If I did not have the ongoing support of Trimergence it would have cost the company and me millions of dollars of lost value and lost future potential.

Mike McMullen

CEO, Agilent Technologies

If you look at the revenue and profit growth, and the resulting market capitalization of Agilent and Keysight today versus 2014 there is no doubt of the success in terms of shareholder value creation that has occurred from the split of the original company lead by our two internal candidates.

Mike Depatie

Former CEO, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
Current Managing General Partner at KHP Capital Partners

The Trimergence investment was really about us caring for our employees to be better employees and also better people. This transferred directly into how they cared for our customers. And it led to us being on the Fortune 100 Best Places to Work For list for many years, and we’re still on that list!

Greg O’Connor

Senior VP of Cloud Engineering & Operations, Blue Yonder

People who went through Conflict to Creativity and the other Trimergence programs would often come to me and tell me how valuable their experience was from that investment. They were super satisfied and felt the tools and technologies really helped them.

Niki Leondakis

Former President & COO, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
Current CEO, Core Power Yoga

We achieved better financial results, and we achieved more customer love than most companies could ever hope for. We did this because people were comfortable becoming themselves. Once leaders started showing up with vulnerability, honesty, and giving trust, they started getting trust in return.

Tomer Shoval

CEO & Co-founder, Simplee

Our retention numbers went from really looking alarming to being better than the average.Participation in our bi-yearly survey went from really disappointing to a 98% participation rate, and the overall satisfaction went up double digits. I would argue that the initiative we had with Trimergence was one of the key factors to that.

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