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Who We Are

Leader, Team and Culture Transformers

Our North Star

We are on a mission to make the world a better place by catalyzing individual self-mastery, cultivating team peak performance, and flourishing company cultures. For more than 25 years Trimergence has been empowering people and organizations to be at their best, motivated by a deeper sense of life purpose and creative partnership with others. Our purpose is to converge science, spirit, and art to do the extraordinary in service to humanity and the planet.

The Map & Compass to Scale Your Summit

  • 1. Rooted in psychology, grounded in business experience

    Our approach is based on sophisticated neuro and behavioral science and combined with the direct experience we have as business people. We take the theoretical and make it practical, so you can drive extraordinary outcomes.

  • 2. Penetrating experiences and tools

    We help our clients become highly self-aware, interpersonally skilled, and masterful at leading by example. Our work and patented system transforms all forms of diversity into strengths rather than challenges.

  • 3. Intensive techniques

    We believe in learning by doing. We enable you and your teams to actively design your own practices and solutions, because lasting change is created by the people who live it every day. We ask you to do hard work, but we are right there with you modeling authenticity, openness, and vulnerability ourselves.

  • 4. Systems approach

    Leaders and teams are an interconnected, elaborate ecosystem. You can’t transform one without attending to the needs of the other, and when you do, you get a major multiplier effect on value. We work with your entire system, empowering leaders and teams to evolve even faster and more effectively.

  • 5. Transformation at scale

    We work with your entire company and co-create solutions with you to drive big gains quickly, both in team alignment and consequent market value. We provide the complete platform of services, tools and software to scale your leaders, teams and business culture to create exponential value.

The Team

We are a team of PhD psychologists, organizational development professionals, adult learning experts and software design specialists. Our core team has been intact for more than 25 years, and we have developed uniquely long-term relationships with cornerstone clients that span back to when we began. For both our new and long-standing clients we act as partners to help them maintain the continuity and value of the team and culture investments they have made as they scale, change leadership, and evolve over the years.

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