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Scott McCulloch, PhD MBA

A. Scott McCulloch, PhD MBA - headshot
Research Triangle, NC

Scott McCulloch, PhD MBA

Leadership Consultant | Transformation Catalyst

Our professional lives have gotten more complex and chaotic, and many people find themselves feeling overwhelmed, burdened with never ending to-do lists, or even wondering “how did I end up here ?” An important part of Leadership Development work involves deepening self-awareness, enhancing resilience, and becoming more mindful and fully present. I help focus people on their “being” so they can thrive more in their “doing.”

My passion is supporting my clients in discovering who they really want to be, and exploring how best to get there. Sometimes the work focuses on getting un-stuck, and other times it’s about tapping into one’s inherent wisdom. It’s always about developing greater clarity, harnessing inner resources, and moving forward.

I am an explorer of the human spirit, embracing creative ways to help others live with authenticity and confidence. My own path started with undergraduate work in Philosophy, through several years in banking client management, followed by business school and on to a doctorate in Psychology.  I took roads less traveled by living in Switzerland to hone my French and spending time in Costa Rica to learn Spanish and volunteer in the national parks system. All of it is a testament to my enthusiasm for exploration, embracing what actually works, and finding what really matters.

I’ve been part of the Trimergence team for over 20 years, initially as an early thought partner with Ward on the firm’s models and tools while I was completing my doctoral program. I continue to enjoy being a thought partner, now with the whole Trimergence team, in addition to wearing several other hats. I work with clients on evolving their leadership through increased self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness, as well as designing and managing the Trimergence digital learning platforms and online presence.

My formal education includes a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University, an MBA from Ivey Business School at Western University and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Toronto.

I live in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina, where I enjoy feeling a more personal connection to the local community. My wife and I both find calm in nature, so we continue to work on our backyard sanctuary. Along the way, we enjoy exploring the fabulous cuisine and hospitality of the South.

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