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Relationship Synchronizing

Rapid Upgrade of Mutual Trust

Relationship synchronizing activates a strategic turbo upgrade to any critical relationship, whether high functioning or compromised. Leaders’ alignment upgrade drives exponential speed to opportunity to achieve high functioning, strategic partnerships among key leaders across the organizational matrix.


Misinterpreting and making inaccurate assumptions of other leaders’ interpersonal styles and motivations is a common, and massive business cost which drives misalignment and internal competition.


The facilitated RS system activates prequalified leaders to achieve high trust, deeply aligned, productive partnerships that model the organizational culture and core values. Participants share their personality gifts and challenges to drive Relationship Synchronizing Agreements as the path forward to deliver innovative, aligned work plans. Prerequisite is the rapid self-awareness OS upgrade from one of the Trimergence Self-Insight Programs.


  • Exponential results faster, especially in the key strategic areas of the business
  • Massive upgrade to communication, collaboration and aligned decision making
  • Tight alignment to focus on shareholder value through shift from silo to matrix mindset
  • Leaders build innovative approaches of how to work together more effectively to accelerate value and scale
  • Understanding and respect of diverse interpersonal and work styles drives an inclusionary culture to leverage diverse points of view into innovative breakthroughs
  • Synchronized leaders inspire higher performance and earn respect for top leadership throughout the enterprise
  • Mike McMullen

    The Trimergence Relationship Synchronizing process is the cornerstone and represents the key milestone event from the Trimergence Self-Insight Program. I always have the same takeaway: It all starts with yourself. You learn invaluable insights about yourself and your Synch partner that strengthens and further builds that working relationship… [which] activates a multiplier effect that also strengthens the relationships among the broader leadership teams.

    CEO, Agilent Technologies
  • Teresa Roche

    As a result of these Relationship Synchronizing sessions I have so many colleagues around the world, and in so many countries, tell me what a profound, and life-changing experience it has been going through the Trimergence work, which included Relationship Synchronizing. They say this work is not only transformational at work, but also in their personal lives.

    Former CLO, Agilent Technologies
    Current Chief Human Resources Officer, City of Fort Collins, CO
  • Tomer Shoval

    They came in to do values refresh project, but when they identified that there was a disconnect between some of the leaders, they facilitated a very open and honest conversation that I would argue created a breakthrough in getting the problematic relationships to turn into something positive.

    CEO & Co-founder, Simplee

Teresa Roche

When I came to Agilent Technologies as CLO, I immediately saw the possibility to bring Trimergence in to bring the Self-Insight Program to the team. Luckily by that time Ward, as the founder, had found amazing talent to join him at Trimergence, so he could scale with a multi-national public company like Agilent. Eventually we had all of our global executives, which was over 100 people, and many of their direct reports and emerging leaders participate in the Self-Insight Program.

Former CLO, Agilent Technologies
Current Chief Human Resources Officer, City of Fort Collins, CO

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