We Aim High

When it comes to top leaders, their teams and business cultures, Trimergence works with teams as if they're climbing Mount Everest—achieving greatness in business is an audacious task. Summiting Everest is just like building a great business: high-risk... and high-reward.

The View is Spectacular

Few people have stood on the summit. To scale these heights, Trimergence unlocks the exponential impact of leaders, teams and entire companies. Through our cutting-edge, patented approach, organizations solve complex problems by unleashing the collective creativity inspired by all stakeholders’ diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

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We Dig Deep

Motivating, influencing, and inspiring others is a psychologically intensive practice that requires advanced self-awareness and sophisticated interpersonal skills. We take a systems approach to transform individuals, teams, and the interconnected systems they create.

We Do It Together

With more than 25 years of experience developing award winning leaders, teams and cultures, we’ve developed a big bag of tools and business savvy. No two teams are the same, so we evolve the plan together to customize the programs to meet your needs.

Trimergence Turbo Evolution Programs

Executives and Management

  • Self-Awareness Breakthrough
  • Insight to Action Coaching (CEO & Execs)
  • Strategic Consulting

Team Performance

  • Highly attuned team relationships
  • Extract creativity, collaboration and innovation from diverse perspectives

Cultural Excellence

  • Live the organizational culture, lead enterprise core values by your example

About Us

The Trimergence mission is to be a transformation catalyst to make a better world through individual self-mastery, team effectiveness, and organizational culture. For 25 years Trimergence has been empowering people to be at their best, motivated by a deeper sense of life purpose and creative partnerships with others. Our purpose is to converge science, art, and spirit to do the extraordinary in service to humanity and the planet.

Ward Ashman, PhD

Founder | Strategic Advisor | Inventor

A psychologist for over 30 years, Ward has founded businesses ranging from family systems therapy, to leadership psychologist, strategic advisor, and management consultant. As founder of Trimergence LLC, Ward invented and patented the Trimergence® system. Trimergence is a comprehensive, end to end, business culture system that accelerates business growth and scale via developing a strong leadership pipeline and synchronized culture based on the company’s core values. Ward’s clients reach the pinnacle of their leadership capabilities through in depth self-awareness, and advanced interpersonal skills.

Ian Schmidt

Team Development | Executive Coach

Ian is passionate about helping senior leaders, teams and organizations scale to deliver exponential impact. He has been there, personally experiencing the rocket ship of going public and being acquired, as well as the challenges and missteps that can be made in the pursuit of hyper growth. He draws on over a decade of experience working in high tech startups and an additional 12 years consulting to high growth organizations such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Airbnb. His approach links executive and team development tightly to business outcomes, as well as working closely with his clients to leverage their culture as a competitive advantage.

Amy Huang, PhD

Strategic Advisor | Executive Coach

With more than 15 years of global industry experience, Amy skillfully employs targeted solutions to address complex organizational challenges. She quickly identifies individual and organizational 'blind spots' and manages diverse stakeholder relationships with strategic elegance to drive individual and team transformation. Amy harnesses untapped collective potential to reduce and remove disruptive behavior and attitudes. Her approach helps leaders outsmart their competition through psychological mastery and cultural differentiation.