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How We Serve

We partner with leaders and organizations to create cultures that propel extraordinary business results, a journey to their own Everest Summit.
Evolutionary Leadership

Evolutionary Leadership

Break Through to Be Your Best Self

Establish precision self-awareness to consciously navigate any circumstance with personal and interpersonal mastery. Upgrade your personality gifts while minimizing your challenges to be an extraordinary leader.

Relationship Synchronizing

Relationship Synchronizing


Significant upgrade in mutual trust and respect. Enhanced ability to work closely together as team members, improved modeling of high impact leadership and relationship skills. Relationship Synchronizing Agreements to guide the continued deepening of mutual trust.

Team Peak Performance

Team Peak Performance

The Engine of Enterprise Value

Magnify the multiplier effect of “the HOW” by deepening trust, self-and-other awareness, and authenticity to maximize inspired collaboration and innovation.


Cultural Excellence

Cultural Excellence

Scale & Sustain Exponential Impact
Organizations with consciously designed and inspiring business cultures deliver massive value internally and externally because of the WHY. They drive great business results and contribute to creating a better world.

Who We Work With

    The Science, Spirit and Art of the Possible…

    • Tomer Shoval

      From red alert to best in class… the work with Trimergence was the best thing we have done to invest in our team. They partnered with us at a critical time when we needed to refresh the DNA and the culture of the company. The impact is an extraordinarily motivated, loyal, and excited workforce.

      CEO & Co-founder, Simplee
    • Mike Depatie

      I want to let you know we have entered into an agreement to sell the co today. We got an incredible price that I am sure was only possible because of the amazing work you and your group have done over the years to build our unique and very special culture.

      Former CEO, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
      Current Managing General Partner at KHP Capital Partners
    • Nat Natarajan

      I’ve learned that through the fog of uncertainty, focusing on yourself gives you the best chance for success. What the Trimergence work and tools have done for me is to give me that clarity in times of uncertain future.

      EVP, Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Ancestry
    • Teresa Roche

      I still have people from that company who talk to me and say the Trimergence work was one of the most profound experiences they ever had. Trimergence helped the team understand their gifts and what they could bring to their work in their lives, and how we could all work well together.

      Former CLO, Agilent Technologies
      Current Chief Human Resources Officer, City of Fort Collins, CO
    • Niki Leondakis

      Trimergence has this unique approach, slightly unconventional, but definitely effective both collectively as the Trimergence team but also individually. We could pull on members of the Trimergence team for different things within the organization’s needs. Trimergence has this array of personality types, backgrounds and experiences within the team that makes the work accessible to a wide range of personality types and levels of leaders within the organization.

      Former President & COO, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
      Current CEO, Core Power Yoga
    Greg O’Connor

    Investing in young leaders certainly worked out well to help them develop rather than to have to hire someone else. it’s much easier to invest in the team you have if you think that with a bit of an investment it will help them grow. It’s a great way to make everyone’s life easier and to give them the skills to do better.

    Former VP III Workday Foundations Product Engineering and Operations
    Current GVP Cloud, Verint

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