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From Silos to Matrix


This fast growing SAAS company found it difficult to build and maintain organizational alignment while scaling so quickly. Given the viral growth, agility was required to navigate the extreme internal and marketplace complexities. The key challenge was that top leaders were focused downward into their organizational silos and did not have strong alliances with leaders throughout the company matrix. The CEO and top leaders knew that creating collaborative alliances could provide a network of aligned leaders throughout the company. This could expedite decisions, align strategic priorities, and foster collaboration with a sense of shared purpose.


The company decided to build an enterprise wide leadership program designed for both existing top leaders and to quickly onboard new ones. The goal was to activate and develop rapid trust and openness among the diverse group of leaders to drive innovation and performance, as well as provide a robust succession planning system to seed top leadership in the accelerating company environment.

Our job as a partner in these multiple top leadership programs was to quickly develop leaders’ psychological sophistication, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills so that they could participate in the weeklong event with authenticity and a compelling executive presence. Along with our self-awareness upgrade system, we incorporated our team alignment process with participants at the beginning of the event. This facilitated authenticity and openness and created an environment of deep bonding and connection that allowed them not only to be successful in the business learning, but more importantly in the cultural network building.


Following these events, grads continued to move up to higher levels of leadership within the environment. Later, the CEO told the design team that this platform of upwardly mobile leaders was proof of the value of the program, which was to grow the executives to build and navigate the matrix and purposefully networked corporate environment. These strong relationships throughout the company, and the consequent sense of cohesion and alignment, has led these grads to strengthen their relationships with each other, and strengthen their commitment to deliver to the company’s growth and its core values.