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Teach Them How to Fish


Our job was to build the client’s culture from the ground up, based on the wisdom and practice of their inspirational founder. This was a multi-decade, labor-intensive project that required working closely with every leader in the organization throughout their diverse properties and businesses. Prior to their period of viral growth, we could rely on traveling to the various sites, regularly meeting with leaders and teams in person. This approach quickly become unsustainable given the dramatic pace of the company’s growth. There was only one answer: build a train the trainer platform to meet these distributed needs by delivering the Trimergence experiences at a many to many scale.


Over a period of less than 12 months, we created four cultural cornerstones courses and trained 60 trainers from around the country, which included top regional and corporate leaders, as well as members of the organization’s HR team. A hallmark element of the program are the uniquely inspiring videos of the company’s top leaders describing their personal self-awareness journeys, while modeling authenticity, openness, vulnerability and providing practical wisdom from the top. Now with almost 15 years of operation hundreds of trainers have been activated, and now are going international since the courses have been rolled out globally by an entirely new set of worldwide trainers.


Now at almost 15 years, the Cultural Cornerstones platform serves the entire company, and is taught by a wide range of key employees, including HR, regional managers, and corporate executives. The highly scalable, global learning experience touches all employees with a many-to-many commitment. The pipeline of new trainers is trained by the cohort of existing trainer experts. Moreover, the platform creates a meaningful and rewarding role for inspired leaders to conduct the trainings themselves in order to contribute even more to growing the company, the culture, the teams, and the people.