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Montagues vs Capulets


A recently promoted SVP was given the responsibility of uniting two previously independent teams. The main issue was that the two groups couldn’t see the value in collaborating with each other. The newer group’s former leader led by a “reign of terror,” so employees were traumatized and unable to make decisions independently. The incumbent team judged their traumatized colleagues as difficult to work with, leaving everyone angry and powerless. The SVP was losing credibility as he struggled to create followership. Moreover, he was receiving feedback that he was too transactional and needed to find a new way to bring the groups together.


The SVP completed our rapid self-awareness upgrade program , learning how his greatest gifts of being directive and task-focused were inhibiting him from becoming a visionary leader during this time of rapid organizational change and turmoil. By learning to lead with greater empathy and compassion, the SVP created a shared understanding between the two groups. We implemented relationship alignment activities across the leadership team to create an overall trust reset and upgrade. This included defining their Core Operating Principles to lay the groundwork for the emerging thriving and sustainable organizational culture, which emerged from our work.


The result was an increase in employee satisfaction scores by 70%, a reflection of higher confidence and trust in team leadership. The improved satisfaction in manager-report relationships based on further development with the focus on career advancement and mentoring opportunities provided further alignment and strong partnerships. The Increase in mutual accountability and partnership to drive organizational growth led to both the success of the SVP, but also to the two teams working closely together as one.