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How do we heal when our hearts keep breaking?

With deeply disturbing events, we can reopen old wounds that have and will likely never heal. Our emotional memories have no shelf-life. We can try to move on but for some, the past continues to get relived in the present when cultural change is not being driven from the very top. When an individual and certainly an entire world of people fear they have no future that is different from their past, they fall prey to a perpetual state of powerlessness and self-hate. With every subsequent trauma, we must feel the pain only to have our hearts break yet again. Even if we can never fully understand how for some, every single neuron firing in their bodies becomes just another electrical signal that screams for survival to fight against the unimaginable. What do we hear from those perpetually trapped in Survival? They say, Evolution is a privilege. When you have this privilege, don’t waste it.