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Go Slow to Go Fast

group of people huddling

Now, more than ever, we have to engage our compassion and lead from the heart. As the full impact of Covid-19 continues to emerge, there is likely to be an ongoing “working through” that needs to occur across all levels – individual, team, and organization. The biggest mistake we can make is to assume that we can pick up where we left off. As leaders, we need to be intentional about rebuilding the sense of “We’re in this together!” Using a “go slow to go fast” approach can put significant emotion-based deposits in the trust bank to deepen organizational resilience and loyalty that serve as a buffer in future crises.  Giving voice to feelings of powerlessness, fear, anger, and loss is a necessary next step that must occur with authenticity and intention as we open our hearts to create a space for shared vulnerability.  By normalizing these raw feelings and making space for them, we are balancing the “being vs. doing” needs of a healthy business and culture.

So, what are we doing at Trimergence to help our clients? We have developed an Emotion-Based Leadership facilitation for teams (intact and cross-functional) to openly share how they’re doing and what they’re doing to “work through” their experiences around Covid-19. This “live” sharing environment is intended to identify “Best Practices” that can enhance a sense of self-empowerment and create a deeper connection to ourselves and others so we can transform this threat into an opportunity for growth and partnership. We are here for you and the broader community as we are all truly in this together.