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New Kid on the Block

two person standing on gray tile paving

Will the real IQ please stand? There’s no doubt that we respect intelligence in a leader but how far does that truly go when creating a loyal followership? When faced with what we perceive as an insurmountable challenge, do we want to be led by the smartest person in the room or do we want to feel courageous enough to move forward in the face of fear and dread? The intelligence of today is about finding ways to inspire others who don’t think like us and don’t look like us. As leaders, we can choose to use our position power to demand and influence. We can even use our intellect and logic to convince others that we’re right. Intelligence is required as the price of admission for good leadership but it’s no longer sufficient. Inspiration is about the power of moving others by creating emotional experiences that stand the test of time as they represent defining moments not just for a few individuals but entire organizations. Here’s another thing about the new kid on the block – she’s fresh, adventurous, and has a particular knack for connecting with everyone. In contrast to our native IQ, which has been around the block a few times and maybe getting too relaxed and complacent. Imagine the possibilities as you fully activate the untapped potential of your new IQ – Inspiration Quotient!