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Ward Ashman, PhD

Ward Ashman - headshot
Silicon Valley, CA

Ward Ashman, PhD

Strategic Advisor | Consultant to CEOs and their Executive Teams

I am fortunate and grateful to be the founder of Trimergence LLC. Building Trimergence has been an almost 30-year labor of love and dedication to help our clients, and myself, drive the key historic evolutionary transformation of our era. This transformation is the required migration from our default “power over,” command-and-control, relationship and organization model to the inclusive, collaborative, creative partnership approach. Successfully driving this massive shift has huge implications ranging from how we conduct our core relationships, to business, education, religion and ecology.

My background combines professional musician, clinical psychologist, and cross-cultural seeker (traveling the world for 6 years in my early 20’s). I approach life and work by balancing all three: science (psychologist/academic), art (creativity/music), and spirit (search for the meaning of life). Through integrating the three, I invented and patented the Trimergence® Turbo Evolution Machine, which is a software and services platform that facilitates rapid self-awareness growth in order to achieve our highest capabilities both as individuals and organizations. My interpretation as the seeker is that we are here to grow as quickly as possible, with the intent to contribute our upgraded state of being to create a better world together.

Currently, the main application environment for Trimergence is business, although our system applies to all human circumstances. In the business environment, our approach combines a coordinated matrix of self-awareness and interpersonal tools to help leaders, their teams, and their entire organizations, build a business culture of collaborative, creative partnerships based on the required bedrock of mutually evolving trust.

As a strategic advisor, consulting for CEOs, their Staffs, and entire organizations, I help clients customize their own unique approach to reach the highest pinnacle of their leadership capabilities. The individuals and teams I work with develop a sophisticated, precise, and in-depth awareness of themselves and others. This helps them positively influence and inspire their teams and their corporate cultures.

Over these years, both as a clinical psychologist and consultant, I have learned the mechanics of business and leadership by working closely with and studying a wide array of top leaders. My years of addressing clients’ diverse business challenges, and partnering to solve them, has provided me the language, perspective and business skills to work in any business or organizational setting.

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