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Ian Schmidt, EdM

Ian Schmidt - headshot
San Francisco, CA

Ian Schmidt, EdM

Strategic Advisor | Transformation Catalyst for Leaders and Teams

We live in a high velocity world where massive change is the new normal. I am on a mission to help individuals, teams and entire organizations not only adapt, but thrive in any environment. In addition to working with C-level and senior executives, I focus on team development, managing through change, cross-functional team collaboration, as well as culture design and implementation. I have worked with organizations such as Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, VMware, and Airbnb.

Prior to becoming a Partner at Trimergence, I spent 10 years in enterprise software where I had business line responsibility and a front row seat to the opportunities and challenges of high growth environments. I have my own experience of sitting in the seat that many of my clients do. Nearly 15 years ago I followed my deepest life purpose to help others succeed and joined the Trimergence team.

My informal education started on the soccer fields of Mountain View, with my father’s frequent monologues about the “psychology of outstanding performers”. He was one of the pioneers who brought psychology into organizations to help grow leaders and teams. Doing this type of work is in my DNA. My formal education includes a BA in Philosophy from UCLA and a Masters from Harvard in Organizational Behavior.

I live in San Francisco and have embarked on several personal “Mount Everest climbs” including my lifelong dream of becoming an accomplished guitar player, keeping up with my German and Japanese, and my ongoing and passionate pursuit of living an extraordinary, fulfilling, and service oriented life.

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