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Amy Huang, PhD

Amy Huang - headshot
SF Bay Area, CA

Amy Huang, PhD

Leadership Consultant | Transformation Catalyst

All business problems have a people solution, but managing interpersonal complexity isn’t something most leaders have received formal training in even though the best leadership resources underscore how much of a critical success factor this is in business. ln a digital world where time and proximity are restricted, we can’t rely on our usual people skills to influence, motivate, collaborate, and lead because living in the past slows down growth. Being uncomfortable is “the new normal” and if you’re not uncomfortable, you have stopped growing. Imagine the possibilities if you could inspire everyone to join you in your goals for the enterprise. I am the accelerator of that hero’s journey for you and the enterprise by challenging you to move beyond the incremental.

As a highly skilled observer of human behavior and team/organizational dynamics, I’m able to see critical things that many people overlook. My insatiable appetite for the biggest and messiest organizational problems is coupled with my ability to transform the wildest of beasts.  I’m well equipped to walk through fire with my clients having lived through some “life and death” experiences myself. I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with a broad range of companies such as Agilent Technologies, Genentech, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Facebook, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, Workday, Atlassian, and various startups.

I chose to attend UC Berkeley after turning down a prestigious Ivy League education because I saw an opportunity to move outside of my comfort zone into the unconventional.  My experience at Berkeley empowered me to abandon my path of becoming a heart surgeon (my intention since the age of 9) to seek my True North Star. At the beginning of my senior year, I chose to extend my graduation by an additional two years to become a different kind of “heart surgeon” as a clinical psychologist, to help others’ discover and speak their deeper truths to enhance their overall well-being.  

I joined Trimergence more than 15 years ago as a budding entrepreneur, leaving a promising career as a clinical psychologist to build something with a team of people with a shared purpose – being in service to others who have the courage to be uncomfortable as well as the willingness to take bold action so they and the enterprise can grow beyond their wildest dreams.  When I’m not spending time with industry leaders, my teenagers at home keep me real and honest so I can continue to bring my best self to those in pursuit of doing the unimaginable.

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