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Tomer Shoval

CEO & Co-founder, Simplee

  • Trimergence steered the right kind of conversations, challenged us to embrace tough feedback, and facilitated key breakthroughs. They are masterful at spotting and clearing team dynamics to help us realize our full potential.
  • It was really a fantastic initiative and something that created a significant impact on our ability to really have a motivated, loyal, exciting workforce. And I think it ultimately helped in a tremendous way when we sold the company, because if you’re writing a big check, that’s part of what you’re looking for.
  • In terms of what makes the work with Trimergence different, I would say three important things. Number one is the fact that you work with the founders, the owners of the company. And that was important to me. I am less excited about big brand names… I’m more excited about working with A-Team, working with the best people, that it’s their vision that they are executing on and I felt that all the way. You can see that in the quality of the work that they bring to the table.
  • From red alert to best in class… the work with Trimergence was the best thing we have done to invest in our team. They partnered with us at a critical time when we needed to refresh the DNA and the culture of the company. Trimergence was the perfect partner for us. They were “all in” with us and went above and beyond to get the result. The impact is an extraordinarily motivated, loyal, and excited workforce.
  • I think the Trimergence approach is a very authentic, open and honest approach. They did not come to me, and to the rest of the management team, with just fluffiness ‐ they raised tough questions and gave tough feedback and challenged us. And I think that’s exactly what we needed. It was very impactful.
  • Trimergence is different — they go above and beyond. They came in to do values refresh project, but when they identified that there was a disconnect between some of the leaders, they facilitated a very open and honest conversation that I would argue created a breakthrough in getting the problematic relationships to turn into something positive. Someone else might have said, “Hey, that’s not within the scope of what we’re doing,” but Trimergence was focused on bringing value to the company. While the main charter was to deliver on that set of refreshed values, they basically looked at it in a very holistic way. And I think that’s fantastic.
  • Our retention numbers went from really looking alarming to being better than the average. Talking about quantifiable measurements, the participation in our bi-yearly survey went from really disappointing to a 98% participation rate, and the overall satisfaction went up double digits. So we exceeded all of our goals. And I would argue that the initiative we had with Trimergence was one of the key factors to that.