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Teresa Roche

Former CLO, Agilent Technologies
Current Chief Human Resources Officer, City of Fort Collins, CO

  • I was recruited by Korn Ferry to a CHRO position and I wanted to bring Trimergence to that company because people were longing to understand themselves and others at a much deeper level. I knew that the traditional development done through online assessments was just not what was being called for at this company.
  • I started with my own team because the company was navigating a very challenging time. I knew that we would have to do deeper work with the team so that they could upgrade their hardwiring of cognitive drivers and emotional motivators. I knew if we did not address that deeper level the development process would not take. I invited Trimergence to come in and provide their Self-Insight Program using in-depth interviews, and deep-dive psychological assessments to create an extensive report along with facilitated self-awareness upgrade sessions. People felt cherished and loved and they saw themselves in ways they had not seen before through this extensive, up to 28-page highly informative and customized report, as well as the deep insight-oriented sessions with Trimergence.
  • I still have people from that company who talk to me and say the Trimergence work was one of the most profound experiences they ever had. They were able to bring their full selves to that work because it wasn’t about pointing out where they were broken or pinpointing something that needed to be fixed. Instead, as professionals we all realized that type of conventional negative approach is not developmentally helpful. Trimergence helped the team understand their gifts and what they could bring to their work in their lives, and how we could all work well together.
  • I eventually had more line leaders participate in the Self-Insight Program. One of our top executives chose to do this work with his entire team because he was so impressed by it. Over time, many of those executives have told me that they have never had anyone work with them in the same way as in the Trimergence process.
  • When I came to Agilent Technologies as CLO, I immediately saw the possibility to bring Trimergence in to bring the Self-Insight Program to the team. Luckily by that time Ward, as the founder, had found amazing talent to join him at Trimergence, so he could scale with a global public company like Agilent. Eventually we had all of our global executives, which was over 100 people, and many of their direct reports and emerging leaders participate in the Self-Insight Program.
  • One of the key elements of Trimergence work is The Kernel Insights one-page summary. This tool maps one’s core programming as a human being, similar to DNA or Operating System. The tool measures the essence of who you are and what you’ve been born with in life. However, this Operating System can become a challenge when we are unconscious, triggering the amygdala and hijacking one’s ability to be at their best. On the other side of the Kernel OS is our giftedness. The Trimergence work helps people measure their OS, along with its related gifts and challenges, and provides the Four Secrets toolkit to consciously shift from challenge to gift.
  • All these global leaders at Agilent participated in the Trimergence Self-Insight Program and built their Kernel Insights summaries. The Kernel Insights became the key communication tool among all the leaders throughout all the countries around the world that Agilent operates in. These leaders shared their Kernel Insights with each other through the Trimergence Relationship Synchronizing process. We did Relationship Synchronizing among so many leaders worldwide that I can’t even remember the number of participants.
  • As a result of these Relationship Synchronizing sessions I have so many colleagues around the world, and in so many countries, tell me what a profound, and life-changing experience it has been going through the Trimergence work, which included Relationship Synchronizing. They say this work is not only transformational at work, but also in their personal lives.
  • I still refer back to my Kernel Insights every year because I can amplify my self-awareness through new insights and apply them as I upgrade that Kernel Insights tool. The Kernel Insights helps me better understand my life purpose and the essence of my leadership DNA. As I’ve gone on to so many other chapters in my life, I continually go back to my Kernel Insights, including the very meaningful work I do now as the Chief Human Resource Officer for the city of Fort Collins, CO.
  • Among all those colleagues and leaders at Agilent, and over these many years having done Relationship Synchronizing throughout the world and in so many countries, leaders tell me what a profound experience and life-changing impact of their Trimergence facilitated events and investments. They made it clear that the impact was not just in their work, but also in their lives. The impact has made it clear to them that it’s ultimately who we are that shows up in every setting.
  • We also took Relationship Synchronizing into the team environment, called Team Synchronizing. The Trimergence team facilitated these events which were unbelievable because the team was able to share their thoughts and input in a way that was extremely helpful to everyone because we had such a safe environment with the Kernel Insights tool and Trimergence facilitation.
  • Key to the Trimergence system is the ability to speed up conversations and to drive to the core message quickly and accurately. The Agilent environment and leadership brand were “speed to opportunity with uncompromising integrity.” The Trimergence work accelerated our speed to opportunity worldwide because people could understand each other so well that they were able to achieve rapid accurate interpretations with a type of shorthand to accelerate their speed to opportunity. Actually, I have to say it is not only speed to opportunity, but also speed to love.
  • Trimergence works with many other companies, and I have colleagues in these companies who tell me about the magic of their Trimergence work helping people understand themselves and others. Trimergence helps people learn how to connect with each other to accomplish whatever it is they need to quickly and constructively. It’s very exciting to me to see through my colleagues the Trimergence magic happen in many other organizations, which include the private and public sectors, and nonprofit.
  • The impact of this Trimergence work and impact is not something that we have published or gave speeches about. I feel it is a type of deep and sacred work and I have just wanted to honor it for what it is.
  • We saw that with this depth of self-awareness, and Trimergence synchronized relationships, that our leaders around the world could improve our market share, and our financial impact was increased. We also built a scorecard of how our culture and leadership had grown and how our employees felt about their leaders both with internal surveys as well as metrics of customer satisfaction and loyalty. I saw this in my performance evaluations as CLO that reviewed how my team did and specifically how our investment with Trimergence really helped accelerate the overall value of Agilent.
  • Over time Agilent split into two companies and the resulting value creation has been unbelievable. It’s a major success story. Many of us have been interviewed about this, which includes the amazing fact that with the split both CEOs and their direct reports came from within the parent organization. It’s truly unbelievable. If you contrast that outcome to before we started the work with Trimergence, we truly made huge progress as a result of the Trimergence investment. I don’t know of any company that can say they elevated two CEOs and their teams to lead the new companies from within as a result of a split. I see this as a real testimony, and I see the direct line of sight of this amazing success to our work with Trimergence to help achieve that goal. It’s an unbelievable story.
  • Ward talks about the Kernel Insights model and tool in his brilliant book called the Nine Doors, which is his perspective on the Enneagram. Just think about that word, Nine Doors. What door do you walk-throughs and how do you access the other doors that are within you?