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Steve Crusenberry

Chief Technology Officer, Peridot

  • The most compelling thing about the work I’ve done with Trimergence has been the precise learning of how the way that I interact with others impacts how they interact with me. It is a powerful thing to understand how people are perceiving me and interacting with me in a way that helps me be far more productive. This Trimergence work has not been easy, and it has been over multiple years that we have done this work. But it definitely paid off in a big way for me personally.
  • I go into meetings now much more confident about how that my presence will be perceived by the stakeholders and employees. Then I can deliver a message and hear the feedback in a way that is unbiased, and without my personal views of how I might have interpreted. I have that extra power to deeply understand the humans around me and how they interact and interpret.
  • Why should people work with Trimergence? I have a wide range of answers. What I have experienced with my teams working with Trimergence is that we came away with a much better understanding of how our interactions with each other can be more powerful, more sustained in the output we deliver to the company, and that we can have more fun as a team working together. People value those human characteristics of a team even more than they value compensation. They like camaraderie and deeper understanding of their team members. Trimergence really helped us get to a place where our team could operate at this high level of performance without losing any of our inherent culture elements that are so valuable. I can’t say enough about the value of bringing our team together through the Trimergence system.
  • What has been powerful in the teamwork we have done with Trimergence is helping the team map their interactions with each other, and to bring our team to a high level of camaraderie. This is a valuable asset that we have learned in our work with Trimergence. Trimergence helped our team deliver a higher level of output and have a tremendous amount of fun doing it.
  • Any executive wants to have a powerful team that can actually drive more insight and more collaboration across the entire organization, as well as a team that wants to be seen as leaders. The Team Dev work we did with Trimergence did exactly that for us. We pushed an agenda that allowed us to set the standard for how things worked across many organizations. The work with Trimergence really drove the team dynamic and culture that allowed us to reach our full potential as a team throughout the entire company.
  • Working with Trimergence has been fundamental in my development as an executive. I learned things about how the business is run, how to manage stakeholders, and how to really show up every day as an authentic leader and executive. I would not have been able to do this without my work with Trimergence and it sent me on a trajectory that has personally been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. I know for a fact there is no way I could have done that without the work with Trimergence.
  • In times of uncertainty, we often lose sight of the fact that we need to develop our leaders and provide safe spaces for them to lead and grow if we expect them to contribute to their maximum. I have learned that when you commit to that you get a team of people who care as much about our outcome as you do and really drive for a team that can conquer all the challenges ahead of them in a way that is both natural and fulfilling.
  • I would encourage anyone who is considering doing team development and personal executive development to reach out to Trimergence. It will change your life and your organization will be the better for it.