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Niki Leondakis

Former President & COO, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
Current CEO, Core Power Yoga

  • People from the outside just couldn’t figure out what we were doing and what this “magical” process was. This included investors, shareholders, and new leaders that were joining the organization. People would ask “what is this secret sauce? what is going on here, there is something magical happening here.” It was the Trimergence secret sauce that was helping us to maximize our humanity in action, connect with our best selves, our highest selves, which led to this magic in action. People still talk about that time that we did that work with Trimergence and those years we spent together as Camelot.
  • I became an ambassador of the Trimergence Self-Insight Program because the process helped me see my gifts, the best parts of my humanity, and what I uniquely have to offer others. What makes this self-awareness experience so real is how Trimergence links together how we evolve as humans from early childhood on with the experience of those gifts in the moment.
  • The work that Trimergence did with our leaders, upper management, middle management, emerging leaders, in its various forms was designed for each level of the organization. We transformed from a culture of literally “every man for himself” to “we’re all in this together” and most importantly to evolve a culture of deep trust.
  • I took the Self-Insight Program that Trimergence developed and brought it to so many different levels of the organization and to different people. This created the cumulative effect of all these people connecting to each other with their highest power, believing in themselves and leveraging those strengths. This was incredibly transformational to our company.
  • The Trimergence work helped people learn to become vulnerable. People went from covering their back, denying mistakes, worrying about who was going to step on them to get ahead, to “we’re all in this together, we are a team, we accept each other for who we are, and we celebrate our differences and individuality.”
  • The Trimergence work has been transformational in my professional life, but also in my personal life. All the work with Trimergence has helped me be a better leader, a more evolved human, and a better sister, aunt, spouse, friend, and human in my community. I’m just a better person as a result of the work we did, and I know that.
  • As a team we went to being able to work at lightning speed, to solve all types of problems with such shorthand. We could do this because there was a foundation of trust, belief in each other, belief in ourselves, and a shared vision that we aligned on so that literally magical things happened.
  • We achieved better financial results, and we achieved more customer love than most companies could ever hope for. We did this because people were comfortable becoming themselves. Once leaders started showing up with vulnerability, honesty, and giving trust, they started getting trust in return. Then the desire to serve and love the customer and each other was amplified exponentially across the entire organization.
  • Trimergence has this unique approach, slightly unconventional, but definitely effective both collectively as the Trimergence team but also individually. We could pull on members of the Trimergence team for different things within the organization’s needs. Trimergence has this array of personality types, backgrounds and experiences within the team that makes the work accessible to a wide range of personality types and levels of leaders within the organization.
  • The years of experience that Trimergence has and their broad range of types of clients makes the work so much more powerful because it is not just work with an individual leader, but it can be amplified across an organization.
  • Trimergence has a lot of knowledge, insight and skill that comes from a wide range of business types and industries. So, there is a lot of broad-based business insight that Trimergence provides. This comes from their long history of working in all different types of industries ranging from hospitality to technology and more.