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Greg O’Connor

Senior VP of Cloud Engineering & Operations, Blue Yonder

  • The people aspect that Trimergence is able to focus on and activate really accelerates the growth of the team to be able to lay out key objectives, and to make sure they are clearly articulated throughout the organization.
  • Our investment in Team Synchronizing goes far beyond the day to day interactions to really understanding the other person and what is behind their interpersonal style and value systems to develop much deeper and accurate insight and interpretations among each other. This helps you map how the other person might see the objective that you are presenting. This brings people closer together and creates a sense of a team mission so that people are far more motivated and committed to deliver on the team initiatives and objectives. Therefore, we were much more capable of reaching our goals much faster with less friction and with the ability to surface issues far more quickly which could linger over time and show up even more troublesome later on. As a result, you get there faster, with less friction and don’t have to work as hard.
  • Over time there will always be pinch points that show up whether it be within your team or outside with other teams. This is where our investment in Conflict to Creativity has been so valuable. Conflict to Creativity is a really effective tool to disarm those types of escalating situations where conflict naturally arises. People have different points of view and different information, so conflict will always emerge.
  • Trimergence really helped me develop my team. The Self-Insight Program and Conflict to Creativity system helped my team of new leaders develop themselves quickly in a situation where the company was growing very fast and they had to take on a lot more responsibility. Trimergence helped us build the team by focusing on everyone learning their strengths and weaknesses, how they interact with each other, and how to work together as a team far more effectively. This helped us create a really strong team so we could navigate significant challenges that without the Trimergence work we would’ve been ill prepared to deal with.
  • Conflict to Creativity is a really great tool to sort out the emotion in a situation, and help people see each other’s point of view more effectively. The tool and system help people sort out the information and points of view to be able to gain a more comprehensive view of what’s really going on and what other people see.
  • People who went through Conflict to Creativity and the other Trimergence programs would often come to me and tell me how valuable their experience was from that investment. They were super satisfied and felt the tools and technologies really helped them. They felt that having the Trimergence tools in their tool chest made them far more effective at work.
  • Investing in new leaders certainly worked out well to help them develop rather than to have to hire someone else. It’s much easier to invest in the team you have if you think that with a bit of an investment it will help them grow. It’s a great way to make everyone’s life easier and to give them the skills to do better.
  • Investing in people is a great way to create value and get much more done. Trimergence is a great approach to do this.