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Feature on Page: Team Peak Performance

Teresa Roche

We also took Relationship Synchronizing into the team environment, called Team Synchronizing. The Trimergence team facilitated these events which were unbelievable because the team was able to share their thoughts and input in a way that was extremely helpful to everyone because we had such a safe environment with the Kernel Insights tool and Trimergence facilitation.

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Mike Depatie

We learned very quickly how we could best work together. This helped us become very aware of how we could function at a much more productive level. Disclosing what we learned in our work with Trimergence connected us at a much more personal and deeper level than would be possible in any work setting.

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Greg O’Connor

Trimergence really helped me develop my team. The Self-Insight Program and Conflict to Creativity system helped my team of new leaders develop themselves quickly in a situation where the company was growing very fast and they had to take on a lot more responsibility.

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Nat Natarajan

Another value of the Trimergence work is onboarding my new team as I have navigated joining different companies. The Trimergence work has made it easier for me to create an open, authentic and trusting relationship with my new team because I am clear about who I am, what my challenges and strengths are, and how the team can compliment me.

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Steve Crusenberry

Trimergence really helped us get to a place where our team could operate at this high level of performance without losing any of our inherent culture elements that are so valuable. I can’t say enough about the value of bringing our team together through the Trimergence system.

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Niki Leondakis

As a team we went to being able to work at lightning speed, to solve all types of problems with such shorthand. We could do this because there was a foundation of trust, belief in each other, belief in ourselves, and a shared vision that we aligned on so that literally magical things happened.

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