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Tomer Shoval

The work with Trimergence was the best thing we have done to invest in our team. They steered the right kind of conversations, challenged us to embrace tough feedback, and facilitated key breakthroughs. They are masterful at spotting and clearing team dynamics to help us realize our full potential.

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Greg O’Connor

Over time there will always be pinch points that show up whether it be within your team or outside with other teams. This is where our investment in Conflict to Creativity has been so valuable. Conflict to Creativity is a really effective tool to disarm those types of escalating situations where conflict naturally arises. People have different points of view and different information, so conflict will always emerge.

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Teresa Roche

All these global leaders at Agilent participated in the Self-Insight Program and built their Kernel Insights summaries. The Kernel Insights became the key communication tool among all the leaders throughout all the countries around the world that Agilent operates in. These leaders shared their Kernel Insights with each other through the Trimergence Relationship Synchronizing process. We did Relationship Synchronizing among so many leaders worldwide that I can’t even remember the number of...

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