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Feature on Page: Relationship Synch Page

Mike McMullen

The Trimergence Relationship Synchronizing process is the cornerstone and represents the key milestone event from the Trimergence Self-Insight Program. I always have the same takeaway: It all starts with yourself. You learn invaluable insights about yourself and your Synch partner that strengthens and further builds that working relationship… [which] activates a multiplier effect that also strengthens the relationships among the broader leadership teams.

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Teresa Roche

As a result of these Relationship Synchronizing sessions I have so many colleagues around the world, and in so many countries, tell me what a profound, and life-changing experience it has been going through the Trimergence work, which included Relationship Synchronizing. They say this work is not only transformational at work, but also in their personal lives.

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Tomer Shoval

They came in to do values refresh project, but when they identified that there was a disconnect between some of the leaders, they facilitated a very open and honest conversation that I would argue created a breakthrough in getting the problematic relationships to turn into something positive.

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