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Mike McMullen

The Trimergence programs are an investment, not a cost. Trimergence is not at the expense of revenue and profit, it’s enabling revenue and profit. The Trimergence work is all about shareholder value creation.

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Niki Leondakis

Trimergence has this unique approach, slightly unconventional, but definitely effective both collectively as the Trimergence team but also individually. We could pull on members of the Trimergence team for different things within the organization’s needs. Trimergence has this array of personality types, backgrounds and experiences within the team that makes the work accessible to a wide range of personality types and levels of leaders within the organization.

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Nat Natarajan

I’ve learned that through the fog of uncertainty, focusing on yourself gives you the best chance for success. What the Trimergence work and tools have done for me is to give me that clarity in times of uncertain future.

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Mike Depatie

I want to let you know we have entered into an agreement to sell the company today. We got an incredible price that I am sure was only possible because of the amazing work you and your group have done over the years to build our unique and very special culture.

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Tomer Shoval

From red alert to best in class… the work with Trimergence was the best thing we have done to invest in our team. They partnered with us at a critical time when we needed to refresh the DNA and the culture of the company. The impact is an extraordinarily motivated, loyal, and excited workforce.

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