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Feature on Page: Cultural Excellence

Niki Leondakis

The work that Trimergence did with our leaders, upper management, middle management, emerging leaders, in its various forms was designed for each level of the organization. We transformed from a culture of literally “every man for himself” to “we’re all in this together” and most importantly to evolve a culture of deep trust.

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Tomer Shoval

We needed the right partner at a critical existential moment in our organization’s journey. We had to refresh the DNA and the culture of the company fast. Trimergence was the perfect partner for us. They were “all in” with us and went above and beyond to get the result. The impact is an extraordinarily motivated, loyal, and engaged workforce. The metrics show that we went from red alert to best in class.

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Teresa Roche

We built a scorecard of how our culture and leadership had grown and how our employees felt about their leaders both with internal surveys as well as metrics of customer satisfaction and loyalty I saw this in my performance evaluations as CLO that reviewed how my team did and specifically how our investment with Trimergence really helped accelerate the overall value of Agilent.

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Mike Depatie

I would say investing in our culture and Trimergence wasn’t an expense for us, it was an investment for us. We made a huge investment over time building our culture, and Trimergence was a huge part of that investment.

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Steve Crusenberry

The work with Trimergence really drove the team dynamic and culture that allowed us to reach our full potential as a team throughout the entire company.

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