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Creating Your Luck

Four Leaf Clover

We can all think of a person who possesses that unique “Je ne sais quoi” quality that seems to bring that person to the right place, at the right time, not just once, but more consistently over time. What differentiates that person from the rest of us? Creating your own luck isn’t as improbable as it may seem if we think about luck as increasing the probability of opportunity. What does it take to bring us that much closer to being that person everyone else is as awestruck by? Creating our own luck is about setting the intention to converge our Three Intelligences® — Logic, Intuition, and Emotion. Knowing that we have multiple intelligences is the first step to creating a perspective that helps us perceive the world in terms of opportunities vs. threats. Recognizing that we can choose to be conscious in our lives and evolve our self-awareness, we can make meaning out of seemingly random bits of information and experiences. We can use our personal energy and life force to connect with others in new ways and see the world differently. Our ability to connect with ourselves more deeply can give us a different level of clarity that can also inspire us to trust whatever it is we might be thinking, feeling, and sensing in the moment — allowing us to elevate not only the “doing,” but even the “being.” In opening to the possibilities, we move beyond inviting opportunity to creating it!