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Category: Turbo Evolution®

Imposter Within

“Sure, I’ve successfully run a couple of large businesses, but I still worry I don’t quite measure up to my peers.” “I often feel like people are going to discover that my degrees don’t really mean I actually know what I’m talking about.” “The accolades are great, but I’m not sure I really deserve them. Surely there’s someone more deserving than me.” Ask any high achiever and she/he/they will tell you about their encounter with Imposter Syndrome. For those most gripped by the feeling that they’re...

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Transform VUCA into a tool for Turbo Evolution®!

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity aren’t going away — don’t get stuck just surviving! In our last post, Thriving Through VUCA, we warned of the dangers of too much survival-mode focus on stability and reducing complexity, and suggested that finding ways to embrace the complexity could lead to a state of turbo evolution through new ways of leading and collaborating. In this post, we offer some additional thoughts on a way of navigating VUCA that can help transform it from being...

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Thriving Through VUCA

The military acronym of VUCA has given us a shared language that represents our experiences of volatility-uncertainty-complexity-ambiguity in our rapidly evolving realities. Depending on the influences of nature and nurture, each of us has a unique lens of perception that drives our reactions to these conditions. The one common denominator underlying all of these conditions is best represented by our capacity to tolerate, process, and manage complexity. VUCA is likely to trigger both conscious...

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