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The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

Balancing objectivity with subjectivity defines the art of giving and receiving feedback. Leading with too much objectivity can potentially turn a meaningful process into a transaction that diminishes value and engagement. Subjectivity, in this case, refers to our willingness to appreciate the impact of different communication and personality styles, as well as individual interpretations and potential misinterpretations, so defensiveness can be replaced by curiosity.    As the provider of feedback,...

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Uncomfortable Progress

It’s human nature to want to avoid discomfort and create control over our environment. In truth, control provides us with a sense of security and coping mechanism to live through whatever the moment presents. Experiencing discomfort sometimes leads to progress if we can identify and embrace the opportunity for growth. For example, physical therapists encourage their patients to stretch in order to build strength after surgery or an injury. It may feel uncomfortable, but the practice of stretching...

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