Walker Lutringer

Director, Accelerate DFW Foundation

  • Working with Trimergence for our fundraiser here in Fort Worth was really effective because we designed a way to really bring the audience in to create a solution to bring entrepreneurship to an even higher level here in Fort Worth. This provided even more value to donors and to us than just contributing money. The attendees loved the way that they were a full part of the program and became full contributors.
  • As a non-profit, there are a lot of times you want to go with an extremely famous speaker. But what I love about working with Ward and Trimergence was that he is a pretty well-known figure in the startup community in CA, but he is also very knowledgeable about the startup space, and also makes a true impact on helping people with their companies. When you have a speaker like that, who actually lives your mission, it just makes the event all that much more compelling. Ward was an exceptional partner to focus attendees to the task at hand, but also giving them very powerful feedback on the contributions that they could make to help build entrepreneurship in Ft. Worth. Ward was able to tap into our energy and excitement about our mission.