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Gina Speck

Leadership Consultant | Strategic Advisor

I’ve had great people work for me…achieving their best-self potential and together forming powerful teams that transformed organizations, growth, and profitability. I am so thankful that early in my career I learned to appreciate the value of employees as individuals, teams as the engine, and culture as their fuel. I dedicated myself to an international large cap firm for over 35 years, including c-suite, senior corporate finance, and individual business unit operations roles. In each and every role, I was at my finest when I was unlocking the power of people which was the source of my greatest accomplishments. This space is, and always has been, my true purpose.

As a Trimergence® consultant, I frame my work from my own senior business leader experiences including strategic planning and delivery, board & committees, business transformations, operations refinement, and acquisitions & integrations. My business acumen and firsthand experience with corporate strategy and culture combined with a remarkable capacity for insight, an intense solution focus, and considerable practice developing leaders and teams makes me a powerful business partner.

I have a strong international business background, which includes leading a team of 500 finance professionals located in 13 countries delivering accounting and financial processes, systems, and controls. In the Americas, I stood on the summit for six years as CFO of a $1.1B business. After 37 successful years in the corporate world, I joined the Trimergence® team to achieve my purpose and share my passion, skill, and experience to help leaders and their teams achieve self-mastery.

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband where we enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, boating and music. We both love to travel and have experienced many thrilling adventures to exotic places together. My adult children inspire me with their strong service orientation in the healthcare industry. Life, after all, is about inviting others to the banquet!

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