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Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

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Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Congratulations to Kimpton on being Named by Fortune "Top 100 Best Places to Work"

According to MMHI, Kimpton Hotel's rank higher on customer satisfaction and emotion than all other leading world class hotel brands. We attribute our success to the Kimpton Culture, which we have developed over 15 years with the work of Ward Ashman and Trimergence.

-Mike Depatie, CEO & President, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants

Kimpton’s Goal was to achieve a level of customer satisfaction previously unimaginable in the hospitality industry by creating a business culture that drives stronger, more connective relationships between management, employees, and customers.

The Kimpton Story begins with founder Bill Kimpton’s dream. As a traveling businessman, Bill constantly found himself unsatisfied with the hospitality he received in hotels throughout the world, and could not escape the feeling of loneliness that enveloped him as he traveled. Thus, he envisioned creating a place where travelers could feel ‘at home.’

In order to achieve this dream, Kimpton set out to create a relationship-centric business culture designed to drive employees towards the unified goal of connecting with customers on a higher level, resulting in revolutionary service.

The Approach began at the top, with President & COO Niki Leondakis’ breakthroughs in the Self Insight Program. The result was an understanding that in order to connect with customers more effectively, Kimpton needed every employee to be a relationship expert. This belief became the basis for the business culture that Niki and Ward Ashman worked together to create.

As Ward began one-on-one work with other executives in the Self Insight Program, it became clear that the transfer of information needed to occur on a larger scale. In transitioning to a ‘one to many approach,’ Ward began leading seminars, and the Trimergence system began to permeate throughout the Kimpton organization.

As Kimpton began to experience explosive growth as a product of the business culture created though the Trimergence system, it became necessary to employ the many to many transfer of information. Trimergence began training internal managers to infuse this culture in their teams.

The Results were astounding. As the employees embraced the Trimergence system, employee satisfaction soared. A creative environment was born and Kimpton was able to retain talent and drastically diminish employee turnover.

Employees became relationship experts and the result was an exponentially greater connection with customers. Today, Kimpton ranks highest in customer satisfaction and emotion in the luxury hotel category, eclipsing its competitors by achieving the evolutionary advantage that Trimergence provides.

As the Trimergence system continues to disseminate throughout the organization, the results are becoming more evident. Kimpton now boasts the highest rating in guest satisfaction and customer service in the luxury hotel category (see below).

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