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What I appreciate about Trimergence is how it has really helped me grow not only as a leader in my organization, but as a person. I’ve been able to learn how to be a better communicator, gained a better understanding of my challenges and my opportunities, and really utilize those as strengths…

- Leslie Lerude, Senior Director, People & Culture

Trimergence Leadership Development Seminars provide the tools for organizations and leaders to work and develop quickly and effectively together. Attendees’ experience provides the foundation to construct more connected, collaborative, and cohesive teams. Seminars can be customized to clients’ unique business cultures. This custom approach promotes rapid evolution and creates a group of even more dynamic leaders who inspire high performance throughout the organization.

Seminars include:

  • Creative Partnership Game: A highly interactive event that facilitates participants to collaborate and solve immediate business problems with enhanced creativity.
  • Conflict to Creativity: Enables teams to consciously embrace differences of opinion (conflict) as an asset to drive creativity through diversity of perspective.
  • Nine Doors Enneagram System: Increases self-awareness and provides a precise map of one’s own and other’s personality patterns and perspective. The tool drives openness, mutual respect and improved creative problem solving and collaboration.
  • The Four Secrets: Designed to balance our survival and evolution tendencies through precise self-awareness. Over emphasis on survival erodes growth, over emphasis on evolution leads to high risk.
  • The Three Assets: Our three fundamental skill sets (Technical, Psychological and Relational). This seminar concentrates on the balance and utilization of all three, which drives highest performance in both the technical and interpersonal arenas.
  • The Three Intelligences: Logic (thinking), Emotion (feeling) and Intuition (sensing) serve as our reality access systems. Maximizing all three improves perceptual bandwidth, which drives the Evolutionary Advantage since few people use all three in balance.

Seminars can be presented in team configurations that are optimal for each client:

  • Intact team: executive team, business unit team, corporate team
  • Organizational group: entire company, division, select organizational group
  • Open enrollment: presented as part of a corporate university, or as a component of an overall corporate training initiative

The above seminars can be delivered by Trimergence or through Train-the-Trainer programs designed to enable your corporate trainers or employees to deliver these seminars internally.